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Since the age of 16, Joy had a natural talent for identifying

exquisite jewelry pieces for her trunk shows. 

In 2011, Joy elevated her passion by establishing upscale boutiques in

Aspen and Nantucket, while continuing her Palm Beach trunk shows,

that have become a revered occasion.


 On Joys global travels she has sourced exceptional products for her ever-changing Collection. Renowned for the authenticity and affordability, clients return annually because she offers

luxury, a fun environment, and the investment is accessible to all.

The Collection Is perfect for travel and to mix in to elevate your personal collection.


With a focus on quality, Joy selects the finest materials for her collection,

specializing in high-intensity cubic zirconia set in sterling silver and golds,

unique gemstone and genuine pearl pieces.

Joy is versed in providing a diverse range of options for her clientele

and has a way of making sure there is "something for everyone".

Her selections exude timeless elegance and class.

However, Joy is also known for her unique, one-of-a-kind pieces

that add a touch of fun and eccentricity to her Collection.


 Her travels have produced a beloved clothing line that emanates

the same whimsy and uniqueness of her jewelry.

Her passion for animal rights is shared

through her ethically sourced Faux Fur collection.

People often marvel at its authentic look and feel. 

Joy is renowned for her unique and stylish resort wear.

Her Santorini crocheted knitwear and embroidered St. Barths dresses beautifully

reflect her global travels, capturing the essence of her journeys.  

Joy has a  commitment to both elegance and conscientiousness which is 

evident in the ever changing clothing collection .


At Joy West Collection, our goal is to provide an enjoyable and memorable experience

sharing the treasures Joy has found. With each piece we aim to bring the same sophistication, class, whimsy and Joy to our clientele that Joy herself exudes.

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