The Humanitarian Work of Joy West

Joy West spends much of her time supporting causes that are near and dear to her. She is a strong supporter of the Republican party and shows her support at various social events throughout the year. She is also a strong supporter of our war heroes and veterans. 

 Joy is also an advocate for animal welfare. She carries a line of faux fur clothing in her Aspen boutique, she takes part in many charity events supporting animal welfare and rescue, and has spent time protesting against the inhumane treatment of animals. 

Joy at a Service Dog for Heros events.

Joy modeling her line of faux fur at an animal sanctuary. 

Joy West,
President of
The Second Chance Program,
Tour of The United States Legislators
Joy West
President of 
The Second Chance Program, 
Puerto Rico

Susan Harrison: Truly amazing. I am happy you shared this video. Congratulations for the incredible work and lives you helped save.

Sid Blauner: Everyone deserves a second chance. Thank you Joy.

Linda Voghel: This is awesome. How can I share it in my fb didn’t see a link to do it

Linda Honner:  Wow! All true! I was so lucky to see it for myself. An amazing program that really worked. You are an angel Joy. What you and your team did there in creating that amazing Program and then giving hope and a transformed life to hundreds and hundreds, then thousands of inmates in one of the worst prisons in the world, who then became drug-free, healthy, literate and morally rehabilitated - it was nothing short of a miracle. Your life was often in danger and you were under unbelievable pressure from all sorts of directions, vested interests who wanted to close it down. What a unique human being you are Joy. God bless you. 💜

Gregory Popeye Alexander: I TRULY admire what 🏆 you're doing to help make a better life for people. 👌 You must have wings in your closet or Somewhere!😇

Joy alongside children from the L.I.V.E. program (Learning Integrity & Values Through Education). A school based crime prevention program in Tijuana.

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