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Bracelets have Sterling Silver plated Rhodium or Gold Vermiel setting options, with Brilliant Cut Cubic Zirconia.

Available in a 6.5" or 7" length.


Asher Cut

Stone color comes in clear, aquamarine, saphire or canary.


Pave Halo

Brilliant Cut Cubic Zirconia, with pave halo every other and pave hallo O inbetween.


Chunky Vertical Emerald Cut

Vertical Setting, Silver or Gold setting options


Round-Square Pattern

Available in Silver setting with Clear or Cannary/Clear options


Large Horizontal Baguette 

Available in Gold and Silver setting


Small Horizontal Baguette

Available in Gold and Silver setting


Rainbow Tennis Bracelet

Available in 2mm and 3mm 

Multiple Styles, Size and Color Options

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